What Should I Know About Credit Reporting Abuse?

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Since its implementation, credit scores have dictated many aspects of life for consumers. Whether you want to buy a home or take out a car loan, your credit score will be taken into consideration. This makes it all the more stressful when you discover that your credit has plummeted out of nowhere. In many instances, this may be due to credit reporting abuse. Read on to learn more about this unfair practice and discover how a Los Angeles, California credit report lawyer can help you navigate fraudulent or inaccurate claims against you.

What Is Credit Reporting Abuse?

Credit reporting abuse occurs when a creditor files a fraudulent or inaccurate statement against your account. However, due to the significant amount of factors and information that can influence a credit statement, there are several ways in which unfair credit reporting can impact you. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Refusing to fix errors on your credit score
  • Withholding information that could reduce negative impacts on your score
  • Inaccurately listing public records
  • Failing to respond to a consumer when they report errors on their report
  • Making late payment information worse than it is
  • Reporting an account as delinquent
  • Selling personal information in violation of the law
  • Refusing to delete outdated information
  • Doing a hard inquiry without your request

When there are issues with your credit score, it’s important to note that a reporting agency must correct any errors or issue an explanation as to why the information on the report is correct within 30 days after receiving a dispute from a consumer.

What Are My Legal Options if I’m a Victim of Unfair Reporting?

When you’ve suffered as a result of credit reporting abuse, the most important thing you should do is reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. As previously mentioned, your credit score plays a significant role in your life, so doing what you can remedy any issues you have with your report is vital.

If you’ve tried reaching out to a credit reporting agency to no avail, LA Legal Solutions is ready to help. We will reach out to reporting bureaus on your behalf in an attempt to have the issue fixed as quickly as possible. However, if they do not respond or refuse to make the amendment, you’ll want to pursue legal action.

Unfortunately, a poor credit score that is no fault of your own can significantly impact your life. We can pursue compensation for any issues you’ve faced as a result of credit reporting abuse.

When you need help with your credit report, LA Legal Solutions can help. Our dedicated team will do everything in our power to fight for your rights as a consumer. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you during this stressful time.

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