What Are the Steps to Fix Credit Report Errors in California?

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When you discover an error on your credit report, you may assume the process to remedy it is as simple as informing the agency of the mistake and letting them handle it from there. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth, as there are many steps involved in the process. If you want to learn how to fix credit report errors, the following blog is for you. In addition, you’ll discover how an experienced Los Angeles, California credit report lawyer can help you if your dispute goes unremedied or ignored.

What Are Common Mistakes on Credit Reports?

Generally, there are two kinds of mistakes you can find on your credit report – financial and personal information errors.

In many instances, mistakes regarding your personal information do not impact your credit score. This can be things like an outdated address, wrong date of birth, or a misspelled name. However, you may be denied loans because the information on your loan application does not match what is on your credit report. As such, you must fix this information.

Mistakes regarding your financial information, however, can heavily impact your credit score and ability to receive loans. These can be because of user errors like an employee accidentally inputting incorrect information, technological errors, or identity theft. Common examples include listing an account twice, incorrectly recording a late payment, or listing accounts as delinquent if they are not.

What Can I Do to Fix Credit Report Errors?

If you discover an error on your credit report, the first thing you must do is print out a hard copy of the report. Next, you must highlight the error on the physical report. You will then explain the mistake and why it is incorrect. However, you must attach proof of the error. Finally, you can mail the dispute to the credit reporting agency via certified mail to ensure you get a receipt of the delivery.

Upon receiving your dispute, the agency has thirty days to investigate and issue a decision. In the event they deny your report, you can resubmit one. However, it is imperative to understand that you cannot simply mail in the same exact dispute. You must provide additional information to supplement what you already provided the first time.

When Should I Contact an Attorney?

If your credit report dispute continues to be denied or goes ignored despite providing clear evidence of the error, you’ll want to connect with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Unfortunately, you may find that even submitting the dispute can be overwhelming, so a lawyer can help you complete the necessary documentation.

At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we understand the complexities of this process. As such, our team is dedicated to doing everything in our power to help you through these issues to ensure your credit report is error-free and accurate. If you have issues with a credit reporting agency, connect with us today to learn how we can assist you.

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