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When you conduct a transaction with a business, you are entrusting your personal information to them. You have a right, as a consumer, to have that data protected. If a company you have patronized experiences a data breach, your personal information may be at risk. Should you find that your confidential information was involved in a data breach, you may have grounds for a case against the company. Contact a California data breach lawyer from Los Angeles Legal Solutions who can fight for you and your rights, every step of the way.

Data Breach Lawyer | Here to Fight for Your Privacy

Though our legal system and laws only have cursory recognition of data breaches, your right to privacy is still protected. You should be able to trust that your data is safe after a business transaction.

At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we are familiar with both national and state data protection laws. Our dedicated California consumer lawyer can use his knowledge of relevant laws to review your case and develop a strong strategy. We will exhaust our resources to fight for the outcome you deserve.

Data Breaches Defined

A data breach is any release of private, confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information into an unsecured environment. Whether accidental or intentional, your data should not be put at risk. Every consumer has the right to frequent a business without worrying about the safety of their personal information, and when that right is infringed on, you can fight back. Data breaches put you at risk of identity theft and fraud, which can be devastating. Identity theft is common enough without businesses exposing personal data to unsafe environments. If your personal information has been breached after a transaction with a company, a data breach lawyer from our firm is here to help. You may have grounds to pursue a case over the breach.

Pursuing a Data Breach Claim

Many consumers have been able to pursue civil claims against the party responsible for the data breach. Federal law guarantees a right to privacy for consumers, and when companies violate that right, they may owe you compensation.

Los Angeles Legal Solution’s lawyers will help you navigate the complex field of data protection law, working with you to develop and deploy a successful strategy. Our attorneys treat each case with the individual care and respect it deserves, fighting to get the best outcome for every client.

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If your information has been vulnerable after a data breach, you may be able to pursue a claim against the company responsible. Contact Los Angeles Legal Solutions today for a review of your case to begin creating a strategy for you to receive the compensation you deserve. We are here to help you, every step of the way.

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