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Recovered For Our Clients

Covid 19 Business DisruptionWe Can Help With Covid-19

Has your business been interrupted by COVID-19? If you have filed a claim for business interruption due to COVID-19 but your insurance refuses to cover your losses, we may be able to help.

ABOUT USLos Angeles Legal Solutions

Los Angeles Legal Solutions has been serving the Los Angeles and Southern California community for more than twenty years.

We handle various areas of law, including immigration, personal injury, criminal defense, consumer protection, entertainment, and intellectual property.

At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we focus on the best possible outcome for each of our clients on a highly personalized level.
We understand client situations and work with them to feel comfortable and respected throughout the entire legal process.

PRACTICE AREASWe Have A Diverse Legal Focus

At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we put the clients’ needs above all else. Rest easy knowing if you are dealing with legal trouble in any of these areas, we can help you. Contact us today so that we can start working on your case as soon as possible. Our skilled attorneys will treat you with respect as they fight for the most favorable outcome. 

The Los Angeles Legal Solutions firm offers you an experienced team and peace of mind knowing your case is in great hands.

Founded in 2001, our firm has worked with a wide range of cases. From personal injury to immigration law, we are confident that our expert legal team can get you the best results.


Recovered For Our Clients


The dedicated Attorneys of Los Angeles Legal Solutions have proven this firm’s success with great monetary returns for our clients. Our goal is to ensure the best possible outcome for you, the client, at all times. We treat all of our clients with the care, compassion, and respect they deserve as we utilize our resources to achieve the most favorable outcome. Your legal matters will be addressed competently and respectfully.

MEET THE TEAMThe Premier Legal Team of Los Angeles

Our legal team prides itself on efficiency and client satisfaction - providing the highest quality legal services in the Los Angeles area.

EMPHASIS ON CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW Data Breach, Credit Fraud, Lemon Law, & More

At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we pride ourselves on the consumer protection law we have been able to provide over the past 20 years. With a focus on credit cases, identity theft, data breaches and other areas of Consumer Protection Law, we feel a great sense of accomplishment from helping in this field.

Jay is the best!! He delivered on his promises. My credit score was greatly improved in a short period of time and I was able to refinance my home mortgage and save over $1100.00 per month.


Credit Score Improvement

Jay is a fantastic person and awesome attorney. He helped us when many other attorneys wouldn’t bother with our issue. Jay is ALWAYS available for you, if he happened to be busy when I called, he would get back to me right away no matter how many times I’d call him in a day. He really cares about his clients and will surely do whatever it takes. He rescued us! Thank you so much Jay


I had 3 attorney’s before this office and they screwed up my accident case. This office got me the highest settlement in just 3 months. They call you back right away and always answer the phones. This office will make you happy and gets you the best possible results in short term. They are very fair.


Auto Accident

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Don't wait to get the guidance and legal advice you need.
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Los Angeles Legal Solutions
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*Free consultations are available for Personal Injury, Automobile Accident, Consumer Protection, Intellectual Property and Employment. Immigration is subject to consultation fee. Criminal defense is limited to a 15 minute free consultation, depending upon the nature of the case.

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