How Can Fake Jobs and Identity Theft Impact Me?

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Losing your job can be terrifying, as there are many things you need to consider. From how you will afford rent to whether or not you can pay your bills, this can be an incredibly complex matter. However, the light at the end of the tunnel appears when you find the perfect job listing online. After applying, you eagerly wait to hear back. Unfortunately, you may feel like the employer found a better candidate until you discover you’re the victim of identity theft. Though they may not seem connected, it is entirely possible. The following blog explores what you should know about fake jobs, identity theft, and why connecting with a Los Angeles, California identity theft lawyer is necessary.

What Is Employment Identity Theft?

Unfortunately, some people may take advantage of those down on their luck by posting fake job listings online. Instead of submitting their information to a reputable employer, it is sent to a criminal, waiting to use your information for their own personal gain. In some instances, you may find that you go through a very short interview process, get the job, and have to share personal information with the “employer.”

When you apply for a job, you provide a considerable amount of your personal information. From your full name, email address, employment history, phone number, and after you’re “hired,” your direct deposit and tax information are in the hands of the scammer. When this information is given to a thief, they can use this information to open loans in your name, drain your bank accounts, apply for jobs using your details or resume, or even commit crimes in your name.

How Can I Spot Fake Jobs Identity Theft?

When searching for jobs, understanding how to identify and avoid fake job postings is a critical way to help protect your identity and personal information.

Generally, you should research the company thoroughly before applying. This allows you to verify whether or not the listing is legitimate and the company actually exists. You may find these listings on job sites, social media advertisements, or in newspapers.

Additionally, you may find that some scammers will create duplicate websites of reputable companies with instructions to share personal information during the application process. As such, if the website looks suspicious, has typos, includes strange formatting, or otherwise looks wrong, these can indicate that this opportunity may be a scam.

If you believe you applied to a fake job listing and think your identity has been compromised, it’s in your best interest to connect with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Working with an attorney can help ensure your personal information stays confidential and allows you to reclaim your identity in the event it’s been leaked.

At the Los Angeles Legal Solution, our dedicated legal team will do everything possible to help you through these matters. Connect with our team today to learn how we can guide you through these complex times.

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