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Digital Signature Fraud

If you own a smartphone, computer, or another technological device equipped with access to the internet, there’s a strong chance you’ve submitted your digital signature while making online purchases, whether knowingly or now. These signatures serve the purpose of eliminating paper and the time it would take for paper to get from place to place and be signed, however, they are not entirely safe or immune to fraud. If your digital signature was recently stolen, you need a knowledgeable digital signature fraud lawyer in your corner. Contact Los Angeles Legal Solutions today.

Why You Need a Digital Signature Fraud Lawyer

Digital signature fraud is, at times, very difficult to trace and can make life extremely difficult for victims. For decades, our legal team has represented victims of fraud from all walks of life, and we are confident in our ability to effectively represent you as well. Don’t face fraud on your own–simply reach out to a dedicated legal team who can pursue the best possible strategy on your behalf. Our California consumer lawyer is here to protect you.

Your Digital Signature Must Remain Private

The first thing you should understand is that every person has a unique digital signature. In layman’s terms, a digital signature is a mathematical algorithm that generates two long numbers, known as keys. One of the keys is private (only you will possess this key) and the other is public. When you purchase a product or otherwise sign an electronic document, it will create a digital signature. If your public key doesn’t decrypt the signature, it will indicate that the signature either isn’t from you or has been changed, thereby rendering it invalid.

What to Do After Discovering Your Digital Signature Was Stolen

Typically, digital signatures are stolen via malware on your computer. Once this happens, the individual who has obtained your digital signature can make purchases and sell property in your name. If you believe your digital signature has been stolen, the most important thing you can do is retain the services of a knowledgeable and aggressive Los Angeles, California digital signature fraud lawyer who can help you retrieve any of the assets you may have lost as a result of the fraud.

Contact a California Digital Signature Fraud Lawyer

If your digital signature has been stolen, you can feel confident in your decision to turn to Los Angeles Legal Solutions for help. We are dedicated to helping all those who’ve been made victims of fraud and identity theft here in the state of California, and we’re prepared to fight for you, too. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with our experienced legal team.

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