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When a business makes false or misleading claims about its products or services, they are almost always in violation of both state and federal law. Unfortunately, many businesses get away with such practices without facing significant ramifications, as those mislead or scammed often refrain from taking legal action against them, either because they don’t know where to turn, believe their efforts will ultimately prove futile, or otherwise. That said, our Los Angeles false advertising lawyer is here to help all victims of false advertisement, and will fight, tooth and nail, for the full and fair compensation they deserve. If you’re a victim, simply contact Los Angeles Legal Solutions today for a free consultation.

False Advertising Lawyer | Helping Those Who’ve Been Scammed or Misled

False advertising is loosely defined as when a company makes misleading, deceptive, or blatantly untrue claims about its products or services, including their quality, price, or purpose. Whether you were outright lied to or were misled to think you were purchasing something other than what you expected, as long as you incurred significant damages, you will most likely have a valid claim against the business in question. You can turn to an experienced California consumer lawyer from our firm to fight for you, every step of the way.

Types of False Advertising

False or misleading advertising can take various forms. Just some of the most common examples of false or misleading advertising that we see are as follows:

  • Failure to disclose certain information about a product
  • Pressuring prospective customers into purchasing a product
  • “Bait and switch” advertising tactics
  • Artificially inflating prices, making prospective customers think they’re getting a great deal when, in fact, they are not
  • Contracts that include deceptive components in the “fine print”

Legal Recourse

If you’re made a victim of false advertising, you should have peace of mind knowing that with the right lawyer in your corner, you likely have a wide array of defenses at your disposal. As long as we can prove that you were made a victim of false advertising and incurred damages as a result, you may receive monetary compensation for your troubles. In some cases, we can also establish injunctions against the business so it stops running false or misleading advertisements/engaging in deceptive practices.

Contact a False Advertising Lawyer from LA Legal Solutions

The bottom line is that if you were made a victim of false advertising and incurred significant damages as a result, you can turn to a competent false advertising lawyer right here at LA Legal Solutions for the effective representation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule your case evaluation with our dedicated and skilled legal team.

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