What Qualities Should a Good Consumer Lawyer Have in California?

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Billboards and commercials on TV or radio may have given you a false impression of what constitutes a good consumer lawyer. No decent lawyer should present consumer litigation as a get-rich-quick scheme or substitute arrogance for experience. For more information on the qualities that a good consumer lawyer should have, please keep reading, then contact an experienced California consumer lawyer as soon as possible. Some qualities that every good California consumer lawyer should possess include:


You should not equate humility with fear or weakness, but rather a realistic understanding that consumer litigation poses extreme difficulties for all involved and requires maximum skill and ability. You should seriously rethink your choice of lawyers if they talk about “slam dunks,” “big checks” or any other variation of “show me the money.”

Confident courage

Consumer litigation can be stressful and relentless to both clients and the lawyers they hire. You can expect the defendant to have the funds, knowledge and determination to combat your claims at every turn. You might become discouraged and overwhelmed when you face such an opponent, but a consumer lawyer who remains realistic about what you face, but willingly faces it with confidence can help you overcome the odds.

Patient listening

Quite possibly, your consumer protection case stems from the defendant talking over you or refusing to listen to your questions and concerns. Likewise, you should seek alternative legal representation if your lawyer interrupts you, tells you what you are thinking or feeling or who sees you as a case instead of a client.


Once you have told your lawyer what happened to you, he or she should have the ability to reframe the events into a story that all people can relate to. For instance, many of us have come to believe something that was patently untrue, simply because we trusted in the person who told it to us. However, your willingness to suspend your disbelief does not give the defendant a free pass to exploit your ignorance of your legal rights. A good consumer lawyer and storyteller should have the capacity to illustrate the difference.


More than just complex and difficult, consumer litigation requires extensive financial resources. A good consumer lawyer should have the financial resources to:

  • Hire quality experts
  • Run focus groups, and
  • Create top-notch trial exhibits

Without these things, a judge or jury might not see the case your way and decide against you.

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