7 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

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When you get hurt in a personal injury accident, you will have a huge mountain to climb. It involves proving that damages occurred and that they are worth the dollar amount that you are claiming. The key piece of the puzzle to win one of these cases is by hiring the best attorney you can find. But first, you need to ask the right questions. Keep reading to learn more about the questions you should ask a personal injury lawyer.

1. Do You, as a personal injury lawyer, Offer a Free Consultation?

When you’re interested in hiring a personal injury lawyer, start by finding out if they offer consultations.

Most personal injury attorneys provide free consultations, which consist of going over all of the details of your accident. Assess everything from the cleanliness of their office to the ease in which you were able to book the consultation.

These cases can typically take about a year-and-a-half to resolve, so you’ll need a lawyer who is open and cooperative, with a good legal bedside manner.

2. How Would You Handle My Case?

Don’t be afraid to go into the weeds with a prospective lawyer. Take all of the time you need in the consultation to feel comfortable, and ask for a detailed breakdown of how they will handle your case.

You stand a better chance of getting the right advice when the type of case you have is your lawyer’s niche. Some personal injury focus areas include car wrecks, slip and fall accidents, dog bite cases, and medical injuries.

Ask what evidence they will use to prove the defendant negligent. Figure out if they see your case more likely to settle or go to court.

3. What Are Your Rates?

You have to also ask the lawyer how much they charge for their services. In the world of personal injury law, this means contingency fee percentages. These attorneys get paid from your award at the end of the case, rather than on the front end.

Personal injury lawyers commonly charge 30% and up for their services. Ask your lawyer to give you their rates in writing, and carefully read through the contract before entering an agreement.

4. What is Your Educational and Professional Background?

Above anything else, know who you’re hiring. You’ll want to interview your lawyer and ask them how they got started and why they chose personal injury law.

Ask your lawyers about their background in law, starting with where they got their degree. Do some research on the best law schools so that you can figure out if they are the most equipped to help you out. Find out if they graduated near the top of their class, or if they have any other noteworthy achievements.

Aside from their education, learn about your attorney’s background, including how many cases they have won or settled, compared to those that they lost. Double-check any information that they give you with a background check of your own.

5. How Much is My Case Worth?

Of course, you have to get to the nuts and bolts of your personal injury case and how much it’s worth. Your attorney should be able to give you a ballpark figure early in the process while honing and refining this estimate as the process goes on.

The key is to learn how much money you should be seeking in court, or in a settlement so that your needs are taken care of. Failing to ask for the right amount will make your road to recovery a lot more difficult.

6. What Damages Should I Be Seeking?

A quality attorney will look at your case as a whole and let you know what damages you should seek. Personal injury cases are all so different, so having their expert analysis will be useful.

Most personal injury cases involve physical injuries, such as broken bones, torn ligaments, brain injuries, spinal injuries, and burn damages. These physical injury damages account for diagnostic visits, specialist follow-ups, surgeries, physical therapy, and other forms of medical care.

Personal injury attorneys will also help you to factor in your mental and emotional damages. This includes both pain and suffering, and the cost of any mental health counseling you have received.

You’ll need to visit professionals to learn what kind of injuries you’ve suffered. If you’re dealing with something as serious as concussions or other head injuries, spinal cord injuries, or wrongful death damages, your road to recovery could be longer and more complicated.

7. How Should I Expect My Case to Play Out?

Finally, be sure that you ask your lawyer for their overall outlook on your personal injury case. Knowing is half the battle with any legal situation, especially something as intimidating and important as coming back from personal injuries.

Getting an overall outlook of your personal injury case will help to steel your resolve so that you are ready for the long haul. You should also choose a lawyer that is open and available to you whenever you need answers to questions or concerns.

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer That Can Represent You

A personal injury lawyer will assist you with any damages that you suffered. The tips above will be helpful during the preliminary stages when you’re trying to vet the best attorneys in your area.

At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we’re confident that we can assist you with whatever personal injury legal needs you have. Contact us today.

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