When Should I Connect With a Credit Dispute Attorney?

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When you notice an inaccuracy in your credit report, you may be frustrated. However, mistakes happen, and giving the credit reporting agency the benefit of the doubt can help you avoid unwarranted anger. After filing a dispute, you may not think much of the error until you receive a notice that your dispute was denied. Unfortunately, many may be unsure how to proceed through these matters, as they may not know what else to do to have the information removed. Luckily, a Los Angeles, California credit report lawyer can help you with these matters. Keep reading to learn the most common errors and when you should connect with a credit dispute attorney to help you during these times.

Why Might I Need to Dispute My Credit Report?

Unfortunately, you may find several reasons you, as a consumer, may need to dispute the information on your credit report. Generally, there are two kinds of errors that can affect your report – those involving your personal information, and those regarding your financial information.

Incorrect personal information often includes errors such as the spelling of your name, an incorrect birthday, or an outdated address. However, you may also find that if you share a similar name or Social Security Number with another person, your reports can become mixed up. Generally, personal information errors do not impact your credit score, but they may impact your ability to receive a loan, as lenders may not approve your application because the information does not match what’s on your credit report.

If there is incorrect information regarding your finances, such as listing incorrect late payments, balances, duplicate accounts, or including closed accounts as open, for example, this can have a direct impact on your credit score. As such, it’s imperative to file a dispute to have this information removed and your credit score remedied.

When Should I Contact a Credit Dispute Attorney if My Credit Report Is Wrong?

Generally, if you find an error on your credit report, the first thing you should do is file a dispute with the reporting agency. However, if the agency denies or ignores your dispute, despite including all necessary evidence to show the information is correct, you may be at a loss.

If this reflects your circumstances, you should connect with an experienced credit dispute attorney who can help you explore your legal options. Your credit report plays a significant role in your finances, so ensuring the information is accurate is critical. As such, a lawyer can help you explore your legal options to ensure you can have these matters remedied. Additionally, if you suffer losses because of the credit reporting agency’s errors, you may be able to recover compensation for the damages.

At LA Legal Solutions, we understand how frustrating and anxiety-inducing these matters can be. That’s why our team is committed to doing everything possible to help you receive the best possible outcome for these matters. Reach out today to schedule a consultation with a member of our firm to discuss your circumstances.

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