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Everyone hates spam telemarketing and robocalls, but for some, these calls can be frequent enough to qualify as harassment. If you are receiving dozens of unwanted calls, there is something you can do about it.

Take Action Against Spam Calls


The Telephone Consumer Protection Act was enacted to protect consumers from telemarketers and automated calls. Consumers have certain rights and protections, and you are able to fight back against harassing phone calls.

Most spam calls are robocalls, which are often scams. A company has to have your written permission to call you that way. They have to be clear that they are asking to call you with robocalls, and cannot make you agree to gain access to a product or service.

Any business that violates this rule is breaking the law. While organizations calling with purley informational messages are exempt, every other company must have your written and explicit permission to robocall you. 

If a business is breaking the law in an interaction with you, they are violating your rights as a consumer. You have grounds to pursue a case against them. 

Even if you are being harassed by calls from real companies, you may have reason to take legal action against them. 

Part of the TCPA requires telemarketers to create and comply with a ‘Do-Not-Call’ registry. You have the right to ask companies to cease their calls, and if they do not, you may be able to pursue a case against them.

Within thirty-one days of your name being added to the no-call registry, you should start receiving fewer calls. If you are still receiving calls after your name has been added, the callers are breaking the law. 

If you have an established relationship with a business, such as purchasing a product or service, they are able to contact you for up to eighteen months after your transaction. 

This is important to remember, as companies may include certain language in questionnaires or surveys that establishes a business relationship with you, permitting them to call you even if you are on the no-call registry.

Los Angeles Legal Solution is dedicated to helping you with any legal issues you may encounter, including protecting your consumer rights. You should not be inundated with spam calls. 

If you are being harassed by telemarketers, spam calls, or robocalls, contact us today. We will help you stop these calls and pursue action against the callers.

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