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At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we understand the unique needs of the diverse Southern California community. For years, our immigration law attorney, Jay Rahimi, has helped our clients meet their immigration goals, maintain their legal status, and achieve their dreams.



Our team provides incisive and effective counsel on a variety of immigration law issues. From simple petitions to aggressive removal and deportation defense, our attorneys utilize their knowledge of the latest immigration laws to fight for you.

No matter what immigration challenge you are facing, we can help you. 

We handle all petitions, including family, employer, and humanitarian-based applications. 

Additionally, if you need counsel for a hearing in front of a U.S. Immigration Court, we can provide you with effective representation. Whether it is for political asylum or deportation cases, our attorneys will work to build the best case for you.

At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we know how serious immigration issues can be. Livelihoods hang in the balance, families fight to stay together, and people can risk losing the lives they have built in the U.S. That is why we provide reliable and effective legal counsel alongside compassionate advocacy for the people and cases we take on.

Our clients are never treated like a case number. Los Angeles Legal Solutions offers personal consultation, which entails recognizing and respecting that each client is an individual with their own unique story and case. 

No two cases are the same. Our clients all receive personal attention from their case attorneys to address the individual challenges and aspects of their case. 

If you require immigration law advice or representation, contact us today. Los Angeles Legal Solutions can provide you with respectful, competent legal services.

Multilingual Representation


We know that immigration law affects many different local communities. To serve the unique needs of the Los Angeles and Southern California community, we proudly offer counsel fluent in English, Spanish, and Farsi.

Flat Rates and Flexible Payments

Often, immigration law matters arise suddenly and must be addressed urgently. For this reason, we work with our clients’ budgets to ensure they receive the legal solutions they need. 

We know that the first priority is protecting the lives our clients have built in the U.S. Your budget should not prevent you from fighting for yourself.

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    *Free consultations are available for Personal Injury, Automobile Accident, Consumer Protection, Intellectual Property and Employment. Immigration is subject to consultation fee. Criminal defense is limited to a 15 minute free consultation, depending upon the nature of the case.

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