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Los Angeles Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law

At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, we know that a large portion of the Los Angeles community is made up of those in the entertainment industry. That is why we provide excellent entertainment law representation to our clients.

We represent artists and creators in all aspects of entertainment and intellectual property law. 

Entity/Loan-Out Formation


Entertainers often use business entities, such as loan-out companies, to manage their services. The company enters into contracts on behalf of the entertainer, who is usually the company’s C.E.O. and sole employee. 

With the use of entities like these, entertainers can receive tax benefits and increased liability protection. Los Angeles Legal Solutions can help set up your loan-out entity to manage your contracts and services. 

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Contracts are part of the backbone of the entertainment industry. If you are an entertainer or creator of any kind, you need excellent contract drafting and negotiation services.

You should receive the proper compensation for your work, and your intellectual property should be protected. To ensure that your contracts are serving you as best as possible, work with an entertainment lawyer.

At Los Angeles Legal Solutions, our entertainment lawyers are well-versed in contract creation and negotiation. We will work to ensure that you and your work are protected. 

Intellectual Property Registration and Litigation


In the entertainment industry, the two main types of intellectual property law are copyright and trademark. 

Copyright protects a piece of work from copying and adaptation. With a copyright, you will have full rights over how your work is used. 

A trademark represents a brand. Names, logos, and slogans are the most common trademarks. 

To adequately protect your intellectual property, you have to register your trademark or copyright correctly. 

Los Angeles Legal Solutions can help you do that. Additionally, if you ever face litigation over your copyright or trademark, or if you would like to pursue a suit for infringement, we can represent you. 

Keep your intellectual property safe with proper registration and great litigation services. 

Fashion LAW

Fashion law is similar to intellectual property law, in that it protects the creations of a designer. However, because fashion is not covered by copyright or trademark, a new area of law was created specifically to address fashion.

Designers have as much of a right to control the replication and reproduction of their creations as any other artist. Though the field is new, we at Los Angeles Legal Solutions are well-versed in fashion law. We can help you protect your designs and creations.

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