Consumer Protection

Los Angeles Legal Solutions is here to serve the specialized and diverse needs of the Los Angeles and Southern California Community. We represent clients in all aspects of Consumer Protection. Consumer Protection is a broad term that includes:


     Defending against lawsuits for Credit Card or other Debt

     Negotiating settlements of Credit Card or other Debt

     Protecting consumers from Debt Collection harassment

     Disputing inaccuracies on your Credit Report

     Vehicle warranties and Lemon Law


For example, did you know you have rights if you are being pursued by a debt collector?


The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices act protects consumers against a wide range of debt collection harassment. If you are being pursued by a debt collector, don’t wait, and give us a call right away. You could be entitled to damages for this harassment.


Further, many people do not know they can obtain damages for inaccuracies that appear on their credit report. If you believe something on your credit report is inaccurate, you should call an attorney right away.



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*Examples of Los Angeles Legal Solutions' Settlements and Judgment for violations of various consumer protection laws include:

Areas Of Practices


Settlement with

Major National Bank for

Identity theft, inaccurate credit reporting

And unlawful debt collection


Combined Settlement with 2 credit

Bureaus for inaccurate credit reporting


Settlement with

Debt collector for unlawful

Wage garnishment


Settlement with

Debt collector for making

Only one phone call

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