What is Senior Identity Theft in California?

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You or your loved one have worked for a lifetime to earn everything you own. Now, some individual, whether related to you or not, has stolen your identity and stuck you with the bills. Frankly, few fraudsters, or even criminals in general, are lower than those who prey on seniors and the elderly. Thankfully, you do have the ability to fight back. For more information, please continue reading, then contact an experienced Los Angeles, California senior identity theft lawyer today.

What constitutes senior identity theft in California?

Financial elder abuse can take many costly forms, running the gamut from an act as simple as stealing some money out of a senior’s wallet or as sophisticated as fraudulently taking control of an elderly person’s estate. Some acts that constitute senior fraud include someone:

  • Not paying an elder’s bills that he or she is responsible for paying
  • Not purchasing necessary items for the elder that he or she is responsible for buying
  • Making unauthorized, or fraudulently obtained, withdrawals or purchases using an elder’s ATM or credit card
  • Making unauthorized, or fraudulently obtained, changes to an elder’s will or power of attorney

What are some common examples of senior fraud in California?

Fraud against senior citizens comes in many devastating forms, but some of the most common include:

  • Telemarketing, mail or internet senior fraud: An individual solicits a senior to donate to a fraudulent charity, pay money to claim an illegitimate sweepstakes prize or provide his or her personal information in an effort to use that information for unlawful purposes.
  • Credit card insurance/credit repair fraud: An individual contacts an elder and either makes fraudulent promises to repair their credit or offers fraudulent insurance to protect their credit cards against unauthorized charges.
  • Home repair fraud: An individual offers to make home improvements and either takes the money without performing the work, does not perform the promised work or does a shoddy job.
  • Funeral and cemetery senior fraud: An individual, not connected with the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, induces an elder to pay exorbitant costs for funeral arrangements.

It should go without saying that, in California, stealing the identity of any person, much less a senior, is against the law and victims can receive restitution if they prove their case.

How do you prove a senior identity fraud case in California?

You and your skilled California consumer lawyer must prove the following elements in order to receive compensation for senior fraud:

  • That the individual committed a financial crime, i.e. wrongful use of money or property through theft, fraud, forgery or embezzlement
  • That the property involved in the crime belonged to you, an elder, and
  • The individual was your caregiver, or
  • The individual knew or reasonably should have known that you were an elder

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