What Is Important to Know About Consumer Lawyers?

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In order to properly understand what a consumer lawyer actually does, we need to take a more in-depth look into what is protected under the law itself. Some questions that are usually addressed include: what issues does it cover? When can you file a consumer complaint? And how can the average person seek legal remedies against big corporations?

If you have additional questions or concerns about consumer law, recognize that debt collection, identity theft, and imposter scams make up the majority of these cases. Reach out to our firm today to speak with a California consumer lawyer about this further.

What Is Consumer Law?

Consumer law is a sect of the law that provides consumers rights and the power to protect these rights against abusive, fraudulent, or predatory practices brought out by businesses, manufacturers, and corporates. These laws exist at both, the state in addition to federal levels.

Additionally giving consumers rights also has businesses responsible for the quality of the goods and services they are selling to incur profits from their consumers.

These laws include a wide variety of issues varying from product liability to bankruptcy.

When Can You File a Consumer Complaint?

If you have any suspicions that a business, agency, merchant, or corporation has violated your rights, you can file a consumer complaint.

Given the immense variation between the types of issues covered under consumer law, it can be difficult to measure whether or not your case should hire a consumer protection lawyer. The truth is, if your case requires you to file a consumer complaint, you can profit from hiring an attorney who specializes in the field.

Typically, a standard consumer complaint could be filed if you experience any of the following:

Consumer Fraud

Consumer fraud refers to deceitful practices used by businesses. This could include the following:

  • False advertising
  • Bait and switch tactics
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Mail fraud

For instance, a business can be held blameworthy for false advertising if they fool you into believing something about a product that isn’t true. Bait and switch is a tactic whereby you are offered incredible deals for a product that is unavailable. After this, you are then offered a variety of different products sold by the same business.

Product Defects

With defective products, consumers are typically protected under two laws. These include personal injury laws and consumer protection laws.

Personal injury law applies when you suffer an injury due to a product’s defects or faulty design. However, if you do not suffer an injury, but the product is simply not up to standard, or does not function as advertised, you can file a claim to seek financial compensation by exercising your consumer protection rights.

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