Can I Take Legal Action Against Robocalls?

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Whether you’re a busy professional who keeps getting inundated with dozens of spam calls per week, or these calls are waking you up at all hours of the day, you may think about unplugging your phone. Before you do, it’s crucial to learn whether or not these calls are legal. If they are robocalls, meaning a real person is not on the line speaking to you but rather an artificial voice, they are not permitted in most cases. If you’re getting harassed by spam calls, contacting a Los Angeles, California robocall protection lawyer can help keep your days uninterrupted.

When Are Robocalls Illegal?

In many instances, you may not realize these phone calls are illegal. However, under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, there are many instances when robocalls are made that qualify them as unlawful.

If you receive calls under any of the following circumstances, you can take action against the company:

  • The call is made using an artificial voice or recording
  • The call is made using automated equipment
  • Calls are made to those registered on the National Do Not Call Registry

Calls that violate these circumstances are illegal, as determined by the Federal Trade Commission. This means you will have grounds to take action against the companies who continue to call.

Are There Circumstances Where These Calls are Legal?

However, not all robocalls are harassing or even annoying. In many cases, they are necessary to get information to large parties in a timely manner. For example, if you receive an automated message from your doctor’s office to inform you an appointment was changed, this does not violate any rights as a consumer. Also, politicians can call and leave automated messages about their campaigns.

Similarly, debt collection companies can use robocall technology to inform you of outstanding debt and to collect. However, companies that try to sell you solutions to lower debt are not legal and, in most cases, are scams.

Am I Entitled to Compensation?

In California, any robocall you receive is eligible for compensation, given you don’t have a relationship with the company already.

If you receive robocalls from companies, you’re eligible for compensation for the violation of your consumer rights. In order to receive reparations, you’ll want to keep a record of all calls you have received and retain a copy of your revocation of consent for such calls.

You can file a suit against the company for up to $500 for each violation of the National Do Not Call Registry and for each call that violates the TCPA.

Though annoying phone calls may seem like a product of the times, you do not have to settle for harassment. Instead, reaching out to our seasoned LA Legal Solutions firm can help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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