If you've recently been in an auto accident, you may be concerned about working with insurance companies, recovering from any injuries you suffered, and repairing your car.


But if you were the victim in an automobile accident, you should also be thinking about whether an auto accident lawyer can help you recover money to pay your accident related bills and compensate you for pain and suffering.


When an accident is serious enough to cause fatal or severe injuries, or if alcohol was involved, the state will probably prosecute the driver who was at fault.


But for all other car accidents, you, the other driver, and your insurance companies may be left to deal with medical bills and car repair expenses. Often these issues are ultimately resolved in court.


Victims in an automobile accident may include the car's driver, passengers, by-standers, and even the spouse of an injured person.


All auto-accident victims may be able to recover money from the other driver, the owner of the car, and even the driver's employer to pay for the damage to your car, your current and future medical bills, and any permanent injuries you may have suffered.


You may even be able to get punitive damages, which are designed to punish the other driver for his or her action. Our Team Los Angeles Legal Solutions can solve your problem


We will not charge you any legal fees unless you win the case

We will not charge you any legal fees unless you win the case

We will get you medical treatment

We will have your medical expenses paid

We will repair or replace your vehicle.

Examples of Los Angeles Legal Solutions' Settlements and Judgments for various automobile accident claims include:


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